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Maria Giovanna Costa, the elegance of Sicily

Maria Giovanna Costa, the elegance of Sicily

Rejoice, play, get excited and excited, express points of view, plan the present, create, direct the future, realize yourself, share visions of life are desires, dreams: are they still possible actions in the daily life of the complex changing and elusive society of the contemporary world?


If the decoding of the emerging cultural, social, emotional and affective values is sought, directed and codified in the fashion philosophy of the eccentric multifaceted stylist-designer-engineer Maria Giovanna Costa, who bases her Brand and her fashion project on tradition-innovation-communication.

The designer in fact specifies: “I aspire to reinvent the reality made of tradition and innovation, art and technology, femininity and perfectionism, reciprocity between beauty and renewal that reflect the “Contemporary Woman”.

Different disciplines, languages, techniques and materials, combined together, follow the experimental path to reach the definition of her brand, whose Spring-Summer 2020 collection was presented in Milan at the International Fashion Expo at Diva’s Show-room Shopping in Via Monte Napoleone 21 during Women’s Fashion Week.

A ready-to-wear line inspired by “Beauty” and the colours of its land, Sicily, and its cultural elements, expresses the recovery and historical memory of the Florio family, inspired in particular by Donna Franca Florio, an example of elegance and class in Sicily and Sicily in the world.

The model of personal freedom, of thought and behaviour linked to that time, evolves and, in the collection, each constituent element becomes a timeless and spaceless message, in which only the elegance of creativity is communicated.

A creativity that Maria Giovanna Costa also expresses in the design and creation of the graphics of the fabrics.

Her brand is aimed at all those who recognize themselves in the model of woman described above, therefore able to share a flexible fashion style, soft, wearable for different occasions of the day according to the needs of a “Contemporary Woman”; design, craftsmanship and innovation interact to create fascinating outfits, with the right mix of aesthetics and quality made in Sicily, typical of an all-Italian elegance.

Maria Giovanna Costa is a brand that wants to celebrate the Made in Sicily all over the world because for the designer, her land, represents “the Island of Wonders”.

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