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GX Fashion Week Milan: The Unforgettable Luxury & Lifestyle Experience

GX Fashion Week Milan: The Unforgettable Luxury & Lifestyle Experience

GX Fashion Week 2022 Milan: success announced on the rebirth trend. Not a random choice gave the dark period for most professional sectors, penalised by the ongoing pandemic. Palazzo Francesco Turati, a Neo-Renaissance masterpiece commissioned by the Count of the same name between 1873 and 1876, was the stage for the “GX Fashion Week” Milan event dedicated to fashion, organised and staged by Gentiana Dervishi, President of the “Aps Showteam” social promotion association, which took place on Saturday 26 February 2022.



An afternoon it was dedicated to fashion shows, in which clothes were staged by the skilful hands of stylists, whose only belief was in manufactures that are the result of aesthetic taste in close relation to the latest technologies in craftsmanship. The organiser advocated certain fundamentals linked to the neo-renaissance philosophy with a message of hope. They believe in the unconditional value of the human person and man’s role as a creative force on earth in the predominant journey towards the affirmation of fatal ideas of rebirth.



Garments created by Italian and European excellences capable of conceiving a dress, starting from the art of visual conception design and then conceiving it using tailoring methods capable of maintaining tradition, charm, finesse and technology, were paraded. All this translated into the only hope that everyone holds dear today: rebirth. “Today was the redemption of fashion. I wanted to conceive an event of the highest level by working day and night non-stop for months in order to offer the excellent designers who took part the chance to make the public love their creations, sharing them in the most appropriate ways. We, as a team, wanted to involve those who embraced the idea of being reborn together,” says Gentiana Dervishi, the beating heart of a day that will remain in the memory of one of the sectors that identify the aesthetic taste of our country.



The Luxury Lifestyle event hosts exceptional guests: Albanian Consul in office, Miss Anila Pojani (together with an institutional delegation); Romanian model Carmina Cotfas, a Miss Universe finalist representing her country; Maria Laura De Vitis, a special guest who walked the catwalk for the SSASSY brand; Franklin Santana, a Venezuelan model and actor who has a long career of walking the catwalks for the big names in world fashion; Giada Farano, a dancer of national renown, very well known on national and state television programmes; Alberto Petrolini, famous Italian actor. Prestigious Fashion Journalists completed the audience on this unforgettable fashion day.



The event was conducted by blogger and communicator Alessio Marrari, who painted the evening’s collections with his description gift, mentioning each designer’s professional history. Wearing the beautiful clothes of the creative excellences were the highly prepared young people from GX Model but, for the occasion, models from all over Italy and from foreign countries and important audiences such as Paris also took part.



On the catwalk Teatro della Moda clothes, a school specialising in Italian craftsmanship. Milanese by birth and vocation but with Parisian inspiration, it takes up the legacy of French Haute Couture, with constant attention to the latest trends, aiming to train finished artisans in the great tradition of Italian tailoring, bringing the culture of handmade sartorial fashion and its value closer to the new generations.



The result is the dissemination of a culture of quality craftsmanship, the enhancement of the Milanese territory in its specificity as Fashion Capital and the creation of job opportunities. The Fashion Theatre also boasts a prestigious location in Indonesia, where students of the highest sartorial level are based. This is how a spontaneous collaboration with APS SHOW TEAM was born, which has become something tangible in terms of the absolute quality of artistic and technical choices.



Michele Umberto Cavalier Perrera, a stylist who has dedicated a lifetime to fashion, has been a world-renowned designer whose sartorial works have met with success and acclaim for decades. He took part in the Sanremo Fashion Festival, an event that began in 1951 to coincide with the first Italian Song Festival at the Sanremo Casino, where he sent his garments down the catwalk in 1968, and at the time, it was complicated to be invited. In 1971, he was invited to join the Accademia Dei Sartori in Rome, founded in the 18th century. From 1974 onwards, he became a firm fixture at the annual fashion shows held at the Teatro Regio in Turin.



He has also been making women’s clothes for 50 years. The ’80s and ’90s were a source of sartorial research for Cav. Perrera, whose awards identified him as one of the promoters of new and sophisticated innovative sartorial technologies, which he cleared from 2000 onwards. This led to the publication of “Trattato per le Sartorie”, a masterpiece that has gone viral worldwide and whose sartorial techniques are appreciated in the most influential salons in the sector. Cav. Perrera specialises in designing, creating, and tailoring the highest quality clothing for both men and women. In 1970 he came second at the renowned “Forbici d’Oro” competition, winning the “Il Centimetro d’Oro” award.



Sara Szymanska is a Polish designer and painter with a degree in graphic arts. She has been passionate about art and beauty from a very young age. She dreams of spreading her concepts of fashion-related creations worldwide, which translate into technologies of exquisite craftsmanship related to the design, construction and conceptual modification of garments. Following years of study and experimentation, in 2019, he founded his brand called SSASSY, registered in Rome.



Emerald tip and best-sellers are confirmed the masterpiece belts adorned by the precious of a well-known Milanese jeweller, brass with gold and silver-plated the theme. The clothes are varied and innovative, designed for a woman who needs to feel comfortable but at the same time shine like a jewel in revealing all her femininity and made to measure. Sara Szymanska’s inspiration comes from the highest Italian craftsmanship.



Flora Cappucci born, grew up and trained in the province of Milan. She began to design and make clothes from a very young age as she had a real passion for it, so much so that, as a child, she made clothes for her Barbie dolls. She attended and completed the scientific-technological high school and graduated as a stylist, costume designer and modeller at a glamour school in the centre of Milan. Although she was forced to choose the family business for a living, she managed, driven by passion, to create clothes, confirming herself as a stylist.



A few years ago, after choosing to close down the family business, she decided to concentrate completely on fashion, putting herself back into the game with strength and energy. He attended a master’s course in 3D CAD modelling, unleashing within himself the pulsating force to pursue the only passion in life: working as a stylist. Today she presents her first real collection dedicated to spring-summer, inspired by flowers, colours and scents that travel through the air and bring happiness beyond the desire to escape. Elegance and simplicity with attention to detail and gritty with bright colours that fully reflect her personality.



Carmen Clemente is an artist, perhaps even more so than a stylist. She is part of that tiny circle of creatives and designers who have revolutionised the way bridal fashion is conceived, proposing a poetic style characterised by intimate and dreamlike creations with touches of exoticism, anticipating specific trends in bridal fashion since the 1990s. The ability to recreate a lyrical mood through luxurious fabrics, evocative models creates an unmistakable style. Her creative influence has conquered Arab countries and beyond. Behind her dresses, more than fabric and shape, there is a thought and a soul, capable of manifesting itself with gentleness and royalty.



Her diaphanous and timeless women travellers come from distant eras, books and worlds. From a future past, that becomes a magnificent present and the fairies of an enchanted world… pure poetry. The collection is called Deka, like the Goddess of Justice in Greek mythology, created by four hands with the young and enterprising designer Dalila Recchia and Carmen Clemente, boasting 30 years of experience. The collection is dedicated to a dear friend, the lawyer Loredana Briganti, who died prematurely. A brilliant woman lawyer. She honoured her toga with a great sense of justice and love for the truth.



Maria Giovanna Costa turns her professional background to study, research, inspiration, and creative flair are the pillars on which the fashion designer and engineer Maria Giovanna Costa’s conception and philosophy of fashion rest. In her capsule collections, there are elements of a divergent style, from the graphics created by the designer for the casual and sports line and accessories to the craftsmanship combined with innovative elements to create the fabrics for the unique pieces in her collection. A flexible, comfortable fashion where design, craftsmanship and innovation interact with the right mix of aesthetics and Made in Italy quality.



The Catanese brand has been involved in numerous initiatives, including creating the dress for mezzo-soprano Anastasia Boldyreva. Her collections are exhibited in the Atelier della Moda in Spazio Next in Desenzano del Garda. Maria Giovanna Costa is a brand that wants to celebrate Made in Sicily worldwide because, for the designer, her land represents “the Island of Wonders”.



Rachele Bucciero, fashion designer from Molise. She attended the Liceo Artistico, specialising in fashion design, in her hometown, and then went on to study at the Istituto di Moda Burgo in Pescara, where she graduated with a diploma as a high fashion patternmaker/papermaker, with excellent results. This was the beginning of her lifelong dream to create a brand that bears her name and the opportunity to dress women worldwide.



Her brand’s logo depicts a letter K and a letter E, which in Greek stands for the number 25, which is close to her heart as it is significant. This work excites her, especially when a customer appreciates her creations. Simply a love of fashion. The name of the collection is Mercury Look 22/23. Freddie Mercury’s most eccentric looks inspire the collection’s theme.



Antonio Oliver, born in Rio Grande do Norte, began his training at the Scuola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing in Rio de Janeiro and then, after moving to Milan, at the prestigious “Burgo” Fashion School. Over the course of his long career, he has held various fashion shows in Brazil and Italy, which have made his undisputed creative talent known and appreciated by those in the industry. Since 1992 has permanently resided in Milan. He founded the “Confezioni Antonio Oliver” brand dedicated to high fashion, based in Via Giuseppe Piazzi, 1 – Milan.



Antonio Oliver has always been sensitive to social causes for which he has dedicated himself on many occasions and has helped various institutions by lending his talents to promote fashion events for charitable purposes: in Brazil, his work has been put to the service of various fashion events in support of important institutions that deal mainly with children such as Colibri, the Servi di Maria orphanage, LARV and “Bambini di strada”. One of his most important fashion projects has been the “Homage to Maria Callas”, a combination of fashion and solidarity taking place for years in Milan, at Palazzo Cusani.



In support of the stylists mentioned above, a highly qualified staff dedicated to make-up and hair, formed by professionals of the highest calibre, led by Ada Guma, an important hairstyle and make-up artist for well-known national and international celebrities from the world of entertainment and TV.


Article edit by Massimo Basile 

Editorial Director @

celebreMagazine World

Monaco Woman

Rinascimento Magazine

Il Masaniello Magazine

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